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A middle aged balding but trim man confronted her; he wore a police uniform, not traditional arab garb. Your offence has been widely reported, even photographed-- what can one do? "There is no way your rich, arrogant country will be able to intervene. then, hugging her close, his strong fingers exploring her buttocks. Dianne again felt the mix of despair and excitement that so often swept over her. Gathright, I regret to tell you that one of your nationals; her identification is a bit uncertain, she had violated some of our most serious religious restrictions. Meanwhile, the missing daughter problem was still unfinished ; the ambassador was on his case daily. Two policemen fastened her chained wrists to the post above her head; she was almost on tiptoe. One of the policemen as he retreated, crooked a finger into her neckline, and ripped the garment all the way down her back. When chained or bound by a woman, WW’s powers were useless, and she had been cuffed and shackled by Adjani. She continued to sputter, thrashing uselessly in her confining chains. Because I want you to be very quiet and listen to me, Closely. if you behave you will be tamed, humbled and disciplined, find the full awakening of your womanhood; erotic and submissive as Allah wills, and perhaps you may finally attain wisdom." He paused gazing levelly at Dianne, no longer smiling. We must have a lot in common, a lot to talk about.." The young blonde looked up. Delicious odors from the banquet spread before her told her how hungry she was.

Chet had four agents in the crowd’; they attempted to protect Dianne from serious trauma, but the crowd reaction was unstoppable. His face was lean and intelligent with the proud nose and trimmed black beard she had somehow expected.

Oil is king, need I remind you gentlemen––we have to thread the needle on tnis one. Two of our best agents--haven’t returned." said Chet. and bring her back home to daddy," At that moment Dianne Prince, Chet’s administrative assistant, entered after first knocking. This is a lousy assignment, absolutely voluntary, let me stress that, even before I describe it." "Chet. So, knowing the Prince’s lech for blondes, we’ll set a trap. We’ll let you get snatched, and follow you with a GPS and find where he’s got Debi hidden away; we think it’s his personal oasis." "And then, I’m supposed to get her out? you’ll have to use your judgement." Dianne said; "You know I’ll do it. Don’t worry, he’ll grab you; you are too delectable for him to miss! You interest me more than those sorry Russian harem mates of yours, and that sullen Swede. How long would it take to convince airhead Debi to go back to daddy? " He rudely forced he into the ignominious position. Dianne, as he forced her face into the pillow got just a glimpse of his good sized erection before she felt her ass cheeks grasped, spread, and the sudden violent stab as he plunged into her, stretching her anal sphincter, thrusting deeply with his first stroke. And continued to gasp, almost too full of shock and outrage to respond.

and Two: How do we get her out of there without some sort of international incident? Harvey spoke."you know, if we could just get into his camp, send an agent, or something, to see if she’s really there...." "Unfortunately, we’ve tried that. "Chet, I don’t think it can be done; let’s just take this guy out, do a covert raid on the oasis, grab the chick. But professionally, like now, they worked together well. Dianne, this is not about Wonder Woman; though she might be needed before this is over. "The ambassador’s daughter has got herself kidnapped by Prince Hajid––unless she went on her own––never mind, we’ve got to get her back––with the least fuss. We can send in a task force., once you locate them. That’s where Wonder Woman might be useful, woman to woman bonding, that stuff. And we’ve got one rug market where three of the women have disappeared. What a dreary thankless assignment this had become! As usual, Dianne found her body betraying her; her pelvis began to quiver deep inside, she felt herself getting wet, responding to his brutal assault.

Wonder Woman had many enhanced senses; her ability to feel pain was one of them, he knew. The embassy staff had unchained Dianne after the fifty lashes, she was semi conscious, whimpering in pain. " She couldn’t help glancing at their bulging loincloths. Adjani prodded her along, her eyes slightly amused. Shambu, here will escort you to the Prince." The giant who had smiled at her nodded, took one of her backstretched chained arms firmly, but gently, she noted, He led her across a courtyard covered with rich carpets under the blazing mideastern sun towards another fanciful tent festooned with pennants. Rich draperies, carved heavy wooden chests, elaborate lamps and--she felt a sudden cool breeze--air conditioning! He was silent as his gaze roamed over her shackled nearly nude body doubly enticing in her gauzy scarves.