Start Mike's jul i andeby online dating

Mike's jul i andeby online dating

I have most of the footage, just waiting on a couple more things.

Anyway, here are the ads: Since I am stuck here with an injury (lacerated kidney from a slam), I might as well make some update, huh? Eby climbing to the top of Ray Gordon for an angle. Speaking of, grab the new FTK and Focus mags when they come out.

I know, most of you see this stuff on Facebook anyway. There should be lots of Naysayer goodness in both of them.

Let’s look at this site as more of an archive of what has been going on with Naysayer. Since I never posted the last two ads we ran with Focus and FTK on here, now if your chance to give them a look (assuming you didn’t already see them in the mags or on Facebook or Twitter).

Keith is one of the more stylish skateboarders to come out of Long Island and we wish him the best moving forward. It started with our boards reviewed on the Transworld Japan site, as seen here.