Start Scorpio dating sites

Scorpio dating sites

I am a "free Spirit", a bit "wild" at times, and am in no way superficial.

HOWEVER, being hurtful isn't my intention either so I try to remember to be gentle. Jeebus, I can't even come here anymore to escape the plethora of Scorpios in my life.

I do have to say I was married to a gemini for 23 years and it was okay when one personality got burn't out the other kicked in but in the end I am afraid her alcohol won lol I tell you what, I'm a Scorpio and I think you might actually be right in that. The sad thing is, many of you gals don't realize what it is you miss out on. Pleeease read what you wrote and tell me you don't see what is seriously wrong with this attitude.

Scorpio ='s in our make-up but noooo, let's just avoid em n settle for the guy who beats or controls you rather than the decent guy who's just more expressive and sensitive than other guys. Key is to work well with a scorpio is keeping them out of the dark side. It's the Scorpio attitude summed up in one phrase: "I'll tell you what is wrong with you and if you're smart you'll change yourself accordingly."There's the nice way to say things and then there's the Scorpio way!

Jealous and resentful Compulsive and obsessive Secretive and obstinate The scorpios that where born in 1964 are born under the sign of the Dragon in the chinese zodiac the traits are about the same a double whammy for some of us As a Scorpio I have to say I am one of the more progressed one's.