Start Steam validating game files stuck 100

Steam validating game files stuck 100

by Shallyn (Texas) In 1992 after having my first child, my Mother decides to tell me that my Dad is not my biological father. My Mother told me this out of her own hurt and bitterness toward my Dad, hoping by telling me this it would hurt him instead.

Perhaps his family does know I exist, but I'm afraid to make contact and perhaps they are afraid for the same "convincings" on my Mom. I hope that someday one of them reaches out to me on Facebook or takes an Ancestry DNA test, themselves.

Once someone shows up as immediate family, there will be more doors open.

I met him one time when I was 17, but I did not know who he was.

After seeking answers from spiritual guides, church, praying, counseling, etc., I still do not know how to let this go completely. I have finally told myself not seek answers from anywhere else and just wait on God to come through and bring me a peace that only he can give.

If anyone is interested, GEDmatch is also a great site, as it links Ancestry, 23 and Me, etc. Hugs, Traci Dear Tricia, I'm so sorry you are going through this also. You are very smart to get it done before you don't have that option to. I read some posts about how some have felt pushed away from siblings and others have been ok.

Its heartbreaking to read that so many others are going through it. I don't want to lose my brother so I have not told him yet.

Did you ever feel Like you didn't look similar to your sisters? Theres also the fact that they will be angry and shocked about what their mother did. Meaning, even if your mom was alive and you didn't care about her feelings because you are so upset about this, you still need to think about the impact it will have on your siblings as well.