Start Will irs be late in updating

Will irs be late in updating

Once you get started you'll see how little of a hassle the process actually is.

Fixing the errors is not in either of their wheel houses. Usually, changing your name with the SSA isn't that big a deal. Because it's later in March and your taxes need to be filed by April 15, there is no guarantee that the SSA will receive your paperwork and get your name change processed in time.

You simply mail in the correct form, legal proof of your name change (a certified copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree should suffice unless you live in a state where more steps need to be taken) and wait for your new card to arrive in the mail. You're going to have to go down to the SSA office and change it in person.

If the IRS does process your taxes, it may decide to hold on to your return until the name on file with the SSA matches the name you entered on your forms.

Again, it might take weeks for this decision to be communicated to you.

The name you give to the IRS and the name on file with the SSA has to match.

This is because the IRS verifies the information you put on your taxes with the information on file with the Social Security Administration.

Hindenlang’s Form 1040 did not meet the test to qualify as a return and, therefore, did not start the two year period running.